“Where do I even begin?  Simply put, Lily and Pat are an absolute joy to work with.  While our wedding day was an amazing success, we all know that the process can be full of anxiety, logistics, and headaches.  I’m here to say that Lily and Pat brought nothing but warmth, support, and assurance to the whole process. Their presence was so kind and subtle, they made those intimate moments come naturally and true to us.  Beyond the absolutely stunning first look shots and group portraits, they somehow captured every single memorable moment from the ceremony to all the action at the reception. We are forever grateful and will cherish these photos for the rest of our lives.  Thank you Lily and Pat, not just for your amazing talent and hard work, but for also being such lovely friends to share such a special experience with.”

-Elijah Rak // wedding Vermont 2018

"We are beyond excited to have received our wedding gallery and are blown away by all of the images. It honestly brought tears to my eyes — you both did such an incredible job capturing our wedding! Not only do we get to relive the parts of the day we were there for, but getting to see the parts we missed is so fun too!

Neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of the camera and we really appreciated how you gave us direction without it feeling forced. You truly made us feel at ease which allowed us to be ourselves and you captured us so accurately — the same can really be said of everyone and everything you photographed over the course of the day. We knew it was a priority for us to spend a bunch of time with you, and couldn't be happier with that decision and the photos we'll have to look back on for all the years to come.”

- Ashley Sayville // wedding Vermont 2017

"My mom is so camera shy that I didn’t have any photos of her post-1980s before our session with Lily. Lil made both of us feel super comfortable and on top of that we had tons of fun which shows in the photos that were taken. Lily is super warm, fun and sweet and you won’t find a more lovely person to make you feel calm in front of the lens anywhere. After getting the photos back, my Mom and I were *over the moon*. I’m SO GLAD that I have these amazing, professional photos of us that we’ll have forever. They are now one of my most cherished possessions. Thank you so much, Lily!"

-Meghan Oretsky // mother-daughter shoot NYC 2017

"Lily is amazing. Not only do we now have a library of beautiful memories of our children frozen in time, but the shoot itself was way more fun than we could have ever expected. Lily puts everyone at ease - parents included - and produces a really impressive piece of art. She was laid back, warm, and had endless patience with our kids, who loved her and are still talking about the day we all spent together. I would highly recommend Lily to anyone looking for a laid-back, original, and beautiful photo shoot."

- Gabrielle Ohayon // family shoot New York 2016

"Working with Lily was a pleasure from start to finish. I really appreciated that she made sure to get in touch with us in the weeks before our wedding to chat about what we wanted captured from the big day as well as photos we'd rather avoid . . . never being asked to awkwardly pose for photos that weren't "us" was a huge relief! Not only did Lily give great advice about the flow of the day, and when family photos should be captured, but she was organized, professional, and incredibly intuitive.

We were really happy that Lily's husband Pat was the second photographer because they were able to seamlessly shoot the wedding from varying angles, as well as different locations. Pat perfectly captured the relaxed and playful atmosphere where my husband and his wedding party were getting dressed while Lily was photographing the sweet yet silly hustle and bustle in the room where my wedding party was getting ready. My husband Eric and I felt completely comfortable and at ease in front of their cameras and it totally shows in our faces. We were blown away when we received our wedding photos and are so happy to have these visual reminders of our gorgeous day for years to come."

- Molly Conant, designer, Rackk and Ruin // wedding Vermont 2015

"Even a great event with wonderful subjects is no guarantee that extraordinary photographs will be made but for Evan and Courtney's wedding, Lily didn't miss. She made gorgeous images and it does not take a photographer to see the body of work she left is a treasure."

- Michael Plunkett // wedding Connecticut 2011

"I've been to so many weddings where the photographer overshadows the main attraction and that is not the case with Lily. Her demeanor was warm and affable and everyone in the wedding including the venue and staff loved working with her. Thanks to Lily, I get to look back and re-live the happiest day of my life with pride and fondness and that is a gift that cannot be measured."

- Anthony Aiello // wedding New York 2015

"I can't say enough great things about Lily and her photographs! I had the pleasure of having Lily take photographs of my family on two separate occasions. Both times, she was the consummate professional: showing up on time, inquiring about the type of photos we wanted and achieving exactly what we asked for, a mixture of (mostly) candids and some more posed photographs in a natural, outdoor setting. Lily is a true natural with children, and her charms and playfulness with my two kids allowed her to take a zillion beautiful photos of them without them having awkward smiles or uncomfortable poses. Our house is covered with Lily's photographs of our family, in which she has captured precious, fleeting moments in time with her amazing skills and lens."

- Mandy Rosenfeld // family shoot Vermont 2010